• Welcome to an era of
    Smart Containers
    No more ordering !

Why ReFiL

Our next Gen smart containers has inbuilt sensors that constantly monitors the level of items stored and places an order on your behalf to the preferred online retailer automatically when it gets low to a minimum set threshold and gets it delivered at your door step.


Order Automation

Set up your Smart container on Refil Mobile app. Define the maximum order quantity and minimum threshold trigger to place an order. Choose your preferred retailer. Set up payment. Take a back seat and spend the grocery shopping time to do what you love with your loved ones.


New Recipe Everyday

While we know what you have at your kitchen, you can choose to receive new recipes everyday. Of course we give your the liberty to choose your cuisine type and you can change it periodically.


Talk to your Health App

Health is Wealth ! We appreciate your conscious decision to stay fit and using the best health apps that suggest your exercise and diet. When you store your diet food items in Refil containers, we ensure that you never run out of your diet food.

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Acknowledged By

  • TIE

    tie tie
  • DIPP

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    Government of India
  • KEC

  • Nidhi Prayas

    nidhi prayas
    Government of India
  • Smart city Expo

    Smart city Expo
  • Won Funding Carnival by Tie - Letter of Intent issued to shortlisted 25 from 890 applications

  • Recognized by the Govt Of India under Start Up India Scheme. Won Funding Carnival Event organized by TiE Coimbatore and was awarded “ Letter of Intent “ to get fund the Idea.

  • Incubated by Technology Business Incubator at Kongu Engineering College.

  • Received Funding from Indian Govt “ NIDHI PRAYAS “ to convert the Idea to ProtoType. Showcased our Proof Of Concept at “ Smart City India Expo 2018 “

  • Exhibited PoC at Smart City India Expo 2018 at Jaipur on 26-28 Sep'18.

Our team

Manikandan Venkatesh CEO

Ashwin Balaji Director

Yogaraj Mechanical Design

Shubham Madan Industrial Design